AR7 is an art data network that manages ownership of tangible and intangible works as data. Now, we're going to use AR7 technology to make your work. It can be introduced and distributed to people all over the world.

AR7's Platform provide a digital property that records 'only one' type and intangible work information. Once recorded on the Art network, ownership of Artwork cannot be forged or tampered with, and information is transparently disclosed. These features can improve real-world problems. Our platform guarantees digital ownership through unique information that real life, and has the advantage of being easy to distinguish and verify. You can check the first issuer online at any time and check all trading information to prevent the creation and distribution of fake collections. It can be applied mainly to areas that require copyright management, such as music and art works, to improve problems that arise in real life. The advantages of managing the rights of existing works of art.

- Manage all of the world's only types, intangible works with unique information

The key element that the original work must have in order to be valued is "rareness." In other words, it is recognized that the work is the only original work in the world.
For example, Da Vinci's "Mona Lisa" in the Louvre is of great value, but the "Mona Lisa" photo image on Google is worth close to zero.

- The value of the work is guaranteed because all information of the work is permanently recorded on the network and cannot be forged or modified.

Artwork data is stored in AR7 network through smart contracts, and each data cannot be forged or tampered with. Thus, infringement of ownership of the Artwork is impossible.

- Ownership of the work can be sold to multiple people in instalments.

In the case of the existing art market, the selling price was high, and it was generally difficult to find buyers, making it less flexible.
However, AR7 network has the advantage of enabling split-selling of ownership of works, facilitating the transaction of digital assets. Works sold may be consigned to authorized businesses with legal protection.

- Open sales history check

Anyone can check the history of the sale of the owner information and ownership of the work online. Information about a particular work is stored in the network so that it can be transparently verified without the need for a third party's verification

- Intermediate distribution of ownership (agency, gallery) can be sold by proxy.

Existing competitor solutions are optimized for digital works, personal-to-personal direct sales models. AR7 provides a more realistic approach to managing galleries and agencies.

- AR7 platform is managed by a professional operator to maximize return on assets.

The ownership of the artwork is entrusted to the bank for the operation of the asset, and the ownership is entrusted like a financial instrument, such as raising interest income, and the resulting revenue is generated daily.

- Simple, Easy Way Register artwork without professional knowledge

Artists and galleries who own works of art can easily use platform through AR7 services without the technical expertise.In addition, you can easily sell and purchase artworks through the Art market provided by AR7.


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